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 The following are all word for word written comments from genuine patients of Dr Beulinks:


"Lovely to meet such passionate people, a pleasure. Thank you so much for your clear communication whilst I was there and what gave me your confidence was how you treat your work as an art......."                         Raylene, Christchurch.


"... Its great to put makeup on now and the last of the bruising is now only apparent on the left eye.  Its minimal and I am feeling like a new woman!!!  People have noticed the difference and they are all amazed yet they all comment on how natural and fresh I look!!!  Im so pleased ..."      Karen, Auckland
" ... we were out having fun at a bar this past weekend and someone asked if it was my 40th and I said no it's my 41st !!! and they believed me and wouldn't believe me when I said I was really 51 ha ha ha ha that made my night and I owe it all to Rob on the most part."                              Denise, Sydney.

"When I first came to your clinic I was very unsure of what I needed and what to do.  You both helped me greatly with this and the information you told and gave me was wonderful.  The work you did on me has given me lots of confidence and now I feel like a new person, ready to get back into life again.  Thank you both so much for that....."                          Sue, Christchurch.


".....  I came to you because I wanted the best, and I wasn't disappointed.  In my eyes you are the best....."                                         Shelley, Auckland.


".....  For the last 17 years I have had leg ulcers on my shins which I couldn't get wet because of the dressings.  After you treated my leg veins my ulcers  completely cleared up.  Last week I went to the beach near my house, and for the first time in 17 years I had the pleasure of feeling the waves splashing on my legs. Thank you."
                                                                                    Les, Christchurch


".....  I have had 7 operations on my leg veins.  I was told there was nothing else the doctors at the hospital could do to help my leg veins.  Then I came to see you.  You fixed my problems with my leg veins.  I could feel the difference after the first treatment.  Thank you so much."                   Diane, Westport


Just to say thank-you to you and Rob, who said no pain no gain? I've
had no swelling, no pain, and just little pin pricks to contend with,
in fact nothing and the results are just what I wanted, I still look
like me but the me I want to see in the mirror.  The change is so good
that the family did not know until I told them!!! They are very
impressed and I will certainly be seeing you both again to get rid of
the turkey neck.  Thank you both for being so friendly it felt more
like seeing very clever friends than doctors.                                                     April, Auckland                    April, Auckland 

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  • 3/102 Remuera Rd,
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  • Postal Address: PO Box 36088, ChCh 8146
  • Akl    (09) 5232 560
    ChCh  (03) 3555 712