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Philosophy Statement




Passion, artistry, perfection, education, commitment...

I am often asked “Why did you get into this field of medicine?
The answer, “It’s my passion”.

It’s just who and what I am, and it’s about what I have always done. It’s my passion and enthusiasm that has always driven me on to fix, make, create, rebuild, restore and renovate things, from childhood to the present day. As a child, I could never pass up the opportunity to polish up the family silverware or a piece of brassware. Enthusiastically I would toil away at the kitchen table, eager to see the sparkle emerge from underneath the layers of time. And now, well I am still very passionate about realising the potential in all aspects of life and my surroundings, unlocking the hidden beauty in everything from antiques and classic cars to restoring a historic home and garden.                            
So, in the field of medicine, why cosmetics? Well, for me it was always destined to be the obvious outcome.



"without passion, how could art and beauty possibly be created?"

And without passion, how could art and beauty possibly be created? In any cosmetic procedure, artistry is paramount. Yes, there is obviously a large degree of medicine and science involved, and this is what we as doctors are taught and must learn. Knowledge and experience are obviously very important, but do not confuse these with the term “skill”. Without the artistic skill and flair, without the passion, the beauty is void. In this field of medicine, there is most definitely a huge amount of artistic skill and flair required. You can give a person a paint brush and say “...this is how you paint”, but if they haven’t got that artistic gift, well, they will never produce a Picasso.
I definitely feel I’m involved in an art form. I am sculpting a face or body, it’s a living medium. It’s what I do and it's what I do best.

I have been asked “What is beauty?” My answer,.... natural perfection, that is perfectly natural. This underlies what I feel is the key to truly successful enhancement or sculpting. I fail to see the point in those cases often seen or talked about - over-pulled, over-pumped, and over-frozen. How could that possibly be considered beautiful?



 “True art conceals its   own creation”

There is an old Latin saying, “True art conceals its own creation”, and I feel this is so apt in today’s field of cosmetic surgery. It’s all about creating something that appears perfectly natural, and as such, simply appears as though it has always existed. When turning back the clock, I strive to give you back more of what you once had, a more youthful self identity, not something that is foreign or unnatural to you. That is beautiful!
Don’t confuse products, such as Botox or Restylane, with results. Products are not beautiful; they are merely products; the paints or the clays that may be moulded into beautiful results. I am often astounded at what walks in through my clinic door. People coming from other clinics and doctors, complaining of lack of or poor results, and often claiming, “Oh, that product didn’t work for me”, or in many cases, not knowing what product was even used! In these cases, a poor

"..choose your doctor,    not the product or procedures."

outcome has been the result of poor or inappropriate application, a lack of   creative skill and flair, a lack of vision, a lack of passion, a lack of consultation; quite simply, a lack of the fundamental concepts of cosmetic medicine and surgery. In short, choose your doctor, not the product or procedures.

Information and education are essential. I personally conduct all consultations, all procedures and all follow up appointments. It is important to spend time educating and talking to patients, ensuring they fully understand and are aware of all aspects of each procedure. Every patient is different. Different needs, different problems and different expectations, and only a personal, one-on-one doctor patient relationship can build the knowledge, the trust and the expectations required for a successful cosmetic outcome. Patient advocates or clinic nurses are not a substitute for this – their knowledge is far from adequate. And beware of free initial appointments. A good doctor’s time is valuable. You get what you pay for.

Since the early 1990’s the medical field of cosmetics has been rapidly expanding. It is an exciting and creative part of medicine encompassing an ever increasing number of techniques, procedures, products and technologies. The umbrella of cosmetics now covers a wide variety of options, from the minimally invasive to the more surgically invasive. I have witnessed first hand this expansion and rise in popularity since my beginnings in 1992. I have seen products and techniques come and I have seen products just as quickly disappear from the market. I have seen the “bandwagon” approach some doctors take, jumping onto the latest fad, only to drop this for the next "latest" thing.

Over the years I have become more guarded over new products and technologies and their “claims to fame”. I remain cautious and often skeptical about the “latest”. However, I have enthusiastically pioneered many new products and techniques over these years and I will continue to do so, but never at the expense of patient safety or at the cost of personal integrity. My commitment is to continue learning, to continue developing my skills. My commitment is to continue striving for results that bring ongoing satisfaction to my patients and to myself.

You see, it’s all about the science, but it is all wrapped up in passion, artistry, perfection, education and commitment!

These are the cornerstones of my philosophy.
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