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 "Lessening the gap between the way you look and the way you feel"


Dr Robert and Ruth Beulink, a dynamic husband and wife duo with a dedication & passion for cosmetic surgery & appearance medicine since 1992.

Dr Robert & Ruth Beulink, a dynamic husband and wife duo with a dedicated passion for cosmetic surgery and appearance medicine, offer cosmetic surgery NZ wide, operating clinics in both Auckland and Christchurch. Passionate and driven to give his clients the results they desire, Dr Beulink is the cosmetic surgeon Auckland and Christchurch trusts.
So if you're looking for Cosmetic Surgery Auckland or Christchurch, or want more info on cosmetic surgery NZ prices, get in touch with Dr Robert and Ruth today to find out what their NZ cosmetic surgery services can do for you! With over 25years experience in the field of cosmetic surgery, cosmetic and appearance medicine, Dr Robert Beulink was one New Zealand's first, and remains one of New Zealand's most trusted and experienced cosmetic practitioners. Be it lips to liposuction, Botox to breast fat augmentation, or cysts to face lifting, Dr Robert Beulink will have a cosmetic solution for you.



Dermal Fillers Causing Blindness:  See my Personal Comments on my Dermal Filler page

Adipose Derived Adult Stem Cell Treatment now available in New Zealand since 2010. Until recently, Dr Beulink was the only doctor to offer this next revolution in regenerative medical stem cell therapy in NZ. See more at


PRP: what are the truths, the myths, and the limitations of Platelet Rich Plasma. Just how good really is it?.....Dr Beulink has been a pioneer in the use of platelets for twenty years. Learn what others don't tell you about this treatment. (click here Platelet Rich Plasma- fact or fiction)


Anti-Ageing creams: find out more about creams that actually work. With 28 years of cosmetic and anti-ageing cream knowledge, let Dr Beulink tell you what products really work (yes, there are creams that will turn back the clock, FACT!), and why so much of that other stuff out there is merely marketing spin and utter rubbish! (Information and product page now under construction, click here to go to: Anti-Ageing Creams)





Lost confidence in how you look?

We can help you regain your confidence using simple cosmetic procedures.
Dr Beulink has a variety of procedures on offer to give you that subtle yet dramatic freshen up to help you look and feel fantastic! Friends don't need to know and it doesn't have to break the bank.
From little subtle changes to a whole lot more, Dr Beulink has a solution that's right for you. With over 20 years experience in the cosmetic field, Dr Beulink is unique in being able to personally offer you a full range of options, starting from the quick and simple treatments such as Botox® right through to more complex face lifting and volume restoration cosmetic surgery.
A personalised, tailored result to meet your expectations and budget. 

Find out more

Having problems shifting stubborn fat?

We can remove fat in all problem areas: necks, jowls, under arms, moobs, muffin rolls, stomachs, flanks, love handles, hips, saddle bags.......
Often, no matter how much dieting and exercise you do, these stubborn areas of fat just will not budge. You are not alone! This is a common problem which can be removed without the need of a general anaesthetic.

Find out more about Liposuction under local anaesthetic, or the revolutionary Lipolysis ("Flab Jab")injection method for smaller areas


Wanting to get rid of those unsightly leg veins?

One in four people suffer from leg vein problems, but now you don't have to! Dr Beulink is NewZealand's most experienced nonsurgical remover of varicose and unsightly veins, treating leg veins by injection since 1992. Get amazing results with no stitches, scarring or general anaesthetic. No veins are too big or small for this treatment!

Find out more about this nonsurgical
removal of varicose veins.

Click here to see what procedures may be right for you.




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