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Breast,buttock,body enhancement - Fat Transfer, Fat Injection, Fat Grafting

Key Points

  • Outpatient procedure (no general anaesthetic)
  • Minimal downtime
  • No cutting, no stitches, no scarring
  • Volume replacement to breasts or body
  • Natural product – using your own fat 
  • Natural results: look and feel normal
  • No long term silicone problems
  • Fat can be transferred to any part of the face or body (buttocks, breasts, hollow scars).

Non surgical (no silicone implants), Natural Breast enlargement with  Fat Transfer  (also known as Fat Injections or Fat Grafting).

Also for Breast Reconstruction for: surgical scarring, partial mastectomies, following removal of breast implants, improve the shape of breast implants.

Breast procedures are performed in Auckland and Christchurch.


Historical Note:
For several years up until approx 2014, Dr Beulink also used a product called Macrolane (a natural hyaluronic  gel injectable filler made by Q-Med) which was the only other non-surgical alternative to implants for breast augmentation. This was an excellent  and safe product with positive results, but had the disadvantage of possibly causing visualisation issues when interpreting mammograms.
Macrolane has been unavailable since 2014, with there being no indication if this product is to return. Dr Beulink has at this stage been unable to find an alternative product that he believes is a safe and effective alternative. Currently, Fat Transfer is the only other safe alternative option to silicone breast implants for the augmentation of breasts.


macrolane injection breast enlargement before 250 macrolane injection breast enlargement after 264 250 1
before Macrolane treatment immediately after Macrolane augmentation

Fat Transfer

fat transfer breasts Auckland Christchurch NZ fat transfer breasts Auckland Christchurch NZ
before fat transfer to breasts 2 months after minimal volume fat transfer to improve volume and shape

  Breast Fat Transplant Augmentation Auckland Christchurch NZ
Breast fat transfer augmentation before and 1 year after, in 40+ year old, with previous history breast feeding. Note typical stretching and hanging of breasts with loss of volume in the upper halves in the before. In these cases, fat transfer to breasts will struggle to "lift" the breasts, but can correct breast asymmetry and give improved upper pole and general volume which will look better when supported in a bra.
Breast Fat Transfer Augmentation Auckland Christchurch NZ
Breast fat transfer augmentation before and 6 months after in a 30 year old, with no previous history of pregnancy or breast feeding. Note no stretching or hanging of breasts, just simple lack of general volume in the before. In these cases, fat transfer may appear to "lift" the breasts and look better in the unsupported natural state.


  Breast Fat Transfer Reconstruction Auckland Christchurch NZ
Breast reconstruction using fat transfer, following previous removal of breast implants because of numerous breast implant complications in the patient's R) breast. Note in the before photo, the patient's R) breast and areola is misshapen and pulled downwards due to previous surgical scarring and complication contraction. In the after fat transfer photo, the patient's R) breast and areola are significantly improved in shape and size, and both breasts now show much improved symmetry- the L) breast has also been augmented with fat due to collapse of the breast following the earlier implant removal.


Having started fat transfer procedures in late 1998, Dr Robert Beulink pioneered and has developed this treatment for over 20 years, successfully performing this procedure longer than anyone in New Zealand. Dr Beulink’s passion and keen eye for this procedure has elevated him to become a top expert in Australasia in this specialised field of lipo-filling. He has presented at numerous conferences and workshops on this subject matter, and has even been introduced at these venues as one of the best in the world”. While many other doctors have struggled to realise the natural sculptured beauty or long lasting effects of fat transfer, Dr Beulink has achieved results and longevity that are second to none.

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is a simple and relatively painless technique being performed under light sedation and local anaesthetic. The treatment involves the harvesting of micro fat filaments from an area of excess fat, such as the stomach, “saddle bags” or the inner thigh. It is then cleaned and prepared using specialized equipment, before transferring it to a part of the body that is lacking volume. The micro filaments are injected into these hollows and depressions, building up the lost volume. Each individual micro fat filament acts as a mini tissue transplant, becoming fully integrated with, and part of, the surrounding tissue that they are introduced into. The resulting lift becomes a living, long lasting, fresh and natural looking enhancement which feels, moves and behaves in a completely normal and intergrated manner.

Body and Breasts

Lipo-filling or fat transfer can be performed to virtually any part of the body wherever volume enhancement is desired. Because of the large volumes of harvestable fat that may be available, this procedure can be an excellent alternative to body implants. In the case of buttocks, whether it is a genetic or an aged related hollowing of the outer  buttock cheeks that requires correcting, or whether it’s an enhanced “Latino Booty” look that is desired, fat transfer to the buttocks can provide a natural, curvaceous and shapely lift.
For breasts, fat transfer can provide a natural alternative to breast implants, helping to restore some of the lost volume and shape that occurs with ageing. Typically, a cup size enlargement may be expected.
Another area for fat enhancement that is becoming increasingly popular is the labial (vagina) region. With increasing age, this area loses fat volume, becoming less toned and visually more saggy. Lipo-filling to the labia can restore the cosmetic appearance and improve the tone, function, and even sensitivity of the area.


Fat transfer is an exciting advance in the long lasting, cosmetic rejuvenation of the face. With no stitches, no general anaesthetic, minimal downtime, and most importantly, a result that carries no tell-tale tightening or “wind tunnel” look, fat transfer can provide a totally fresher and naturally lifted look to the face.

Sculpturing the face with fat transfer recreates attractive facial contours which are natural to see and feel, and will give your face a softer, fresher and more youthful appearance. There are no radical changes. It is for this reason fat transfer can improve your appearance without the sometimes obvious or undesirable changes of a facelift.


Dr Beulink’s Personal Comments – Fat Transfer to Breasts & Body

Fat transfer is a precise, sculpturing cosmetic procedure. A surgeon with a creative and artistic eye is paramount in order to produce a beautiful and natural result.

This procedure is very much a passion of mine. I was one of the first and only doctors in Australasia to pioneer fat transfer.

One of the benefits of this procedure is the fact that I am using the best natural product available to you - your very own fat filaments! So there is no way you will ever be allergic or react to this treatment.

How long does Fat Transfer last?  There appears to be a general misconception that fat transfer injections don’t work or last. That is not true.  Doctors that claim that fat transfer doesn't last, have simply failed to understand and master the technique. A poor technique will not only give poor and possibly short lasting results, but will also create additional problems such as lumps, bumps, cysts, uneveness and tissue calcification. Choose your fat transfer doctor carefully. Ensure they have the experience, skill and artistry required to perform fat transfer correctly.
Obviously, nobody can stop the ageing process, and although I never use the word “permanent”, in my hands this procedure can be deemed “very long lasting”. I have been performing fat transfer for 20 years now, and have personally seen long term retention of transferred fat. I have numerous patients who still have excellent and lasting results 16-20 years after fat transfer.

Once the mini transplants have integrated into the new area, the transferred fat becomes a living part of you again. As long as the fat transfer is performed correctly, the breasts or buttocks will look, feel, and behave naturally.

I can take as much or as little as I need to revolumise, volume is not restricted (unlike off the shelf, pre-packaged Macrolane filler).  The only restriction is just how much fat is available from your donor site.

Preferred donor sites for harvesting are the lower abdominal wall (below the umbilicus) or upper inner thighs. I have found these areas  have always tended to yield the best results. A recent study I performed, where I compared the numbers of stem cells in the fat from the "love handles" or "muffin rolls" area, compared to the number of stem cells  in the fat from the lower abdominal area, showed there was a 25% higher number in the abdominal fat. While fat cells provide the volume for the fat transfer, it appears the stem cells play a very important role in the success of the actual transplantation process (providing numerous growth factors and hormones, growing new blood vessels, regulating inflammation).

A cup size increase in breast volume may be achievable, however shape, not volume, is often the more important issue for most women. Many  complain of hollowness in the upper parts of the breasts and often there can be moderate amounts of asymmetry-a difference in size or a difference in shape between the two breasts. Again, an artistic approach with a keen eye for detail can make for an extremely pleasing fat transfer result.

With all the work being done underneath the skin surface, the typical visible hallmarks of other breast-lift procedures are absent. For fat transfer, the only visible marks are temporary, and usually consist of a few very small nicks or pin holes used to infiltrate the fat. These can often be placed very discretely in such places as the under breast or buttock crease, or in a skin fold of the adjacent armpit. Downtime (hide away time) can be minimal.

Will it hurt? This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and light sedation. Discomfort during the procedure is negligible. After the procedure, the area to where the fat has been transferred (eg breast), is usually not sore. The donor site however may be a little uncomfortable for a couple of days, but is easily controlled with simple paracetomol (Panadol). We recommend the use of a good supportive type sports bra for several days after the procedure.

This cosmetic procedure is ranked very highly by all my patients for ease of procedure, negligible discomfort or downtime, and great results. It is therefore also very suitable for out-of-town patients.





Costs for Fat Transfer vary depending on what area needs treating and how much work is involved. Fat transfer to the breasts starts at $11,000. This includes one top up treatment approximately six weeks after the initial fat transfer. This does not cover your prescription fee or support bra.

If you are considering the fat transfer procedure, you would firstly need to have a half hour, one on one, initial consultation and assessment with Dr Beulink. He will go over your concerns with you, see whether you are an appropriate candidate for fat transfer and that it will give you the results you are looking for. He will also discuss downtime, before and after photos, results, side effects, costs, and any other procedures that may be of benefit for you. At the end of this consultation you will have a full idea of exactly what fat transfer can do for you, and just what it would take to have this procedure. 




NB: Dr Beulink used Macrolane for approximately 10 years to augment breasts and other parts of the body with great success. However Macrolane was withdrawn from the NZ market and more recently the world market and has become unobtainable, so we are currently unable to offer this treatment.  Macrolane has been withdrawn due to technique (injection) problems in Europe.  It is our understanding it is not the product itself that is at fault, rather, the way it was being used. Macrolane as a product is perfectly safe; the problem has been poor techniques during injecting, causing image "clouding or confusion" problems on radiological investigation (mammograms and ultrasound).

We hope to have this product or an equivalent alternative again sometime in the future, but a time schedule is totally unknown and is currently out of our hands.



Discover the truth about this incredible new product!

In years gone by, the only effective way to improve your breasts was to go under the knife.  These procedures were time-consuming, sometimes risky and unpredictable, costly and involved long recovery  times. 

Thankfully, now there's another option.  It's called breast enhancement by injection, by either using "Fat Transfer" (see above), or a new product from Q-Med, Restylane called MACROLANE.

MACROLANE is an affordable breast enhancement treatment with stunning results.  MACROLANE, when administered by Dr Robert Beulink, is a treatment that naturally restores the volume back to your breasts, providing you with instant, lasting results without the risks of invasive surgery.  It's a short, simple procedure involving an easy injection of Macrolane into the breasts, which provides the area with instant volume and lift.  The treatment causes little or no bruising at all and you will be home within a few hours.


  1. No surgery required, it is performed in the clinic in less than 2 hours.
  2. No scarring, as Macrolane is injected under the breast, requiring no skin cuts or stitches.
  3. Minimal bruising, as Macrolane is injected using a blunt cannula, which gently pushes the breast tissue aside.
  4. Local anaesthetic is used to make the procedure pain free, no general anaesthetic required.
  5. Low risk procedure for the patient. 
  6. Minimal recovery time, with little or no bruising.
  7. Rapid results, with instant volume and lift.
  8. Macrolane is a biodegradable substance, further minimising the risk.
  9. Natural look, natural feel, natural touch.  No one will know you've had it.


MACROLANE allows Dr Beulink to non-surgically enhance or enlarge breasts with a safe, clinically reliable product from a trusted company, Q-Med.  Macrolane is one of the Restylane family of hyaluronic products made by Q-Med.  Restylane, which is  a registered medicine in New Zealand, has been used by Dr Beulink since 1996 and has been used for well over 10 million treatments worldwide.  Dr Beulink was one of the very first doctors in the world to clinically use Restylane. Macrolane is based on a gel containing stabilized hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body, and keeps the skin soft and youthful, both visually and to the touch, while also adding volume.

MACROLANE is ideally suited for patients who wish to have a modest increase in the size of their breasts without undergoing surgery.  The ideal patients are those who are wanting to increase their present cup size by half to one cup size larger, have one breast smaller than the other, or are requiring reshaping of a mis-shapen breast.  It is also ideal for patients with small breasts or a small frame, patients who have lost breast volume due to breastfeeding or weight loss, patients who are trying to induce breast tissue artifically with hormones, patients who wish minor asymmetries corrected in the breasts, and patients who do not wish to undergo surgery.  Macrolane has also been used to even out descrepencies in the skin surface, for example, those caused by liposuction, and to improve the appearance of deep, disfuguring surgical scars.

MACROLANE is not suited for those who wish a large increase in volume, or patients who have excessive skin laxity or breast droop.

Although surgical breast implants are still the gold standard for breast enhancements, Macrolane now allows patients to experience non-surgical breast enhancement, without the need for a general anaesthetic or to undergo full surgery.  For patients who are not sure about whether they would like the look of a surgical implant, Macrolane offers you a way of knowing what your expections are, without the risk of having surgery.  Other benefits over surgical breast implants include no danger of the implant "bursting, leaking or hardening", and no need to remove the implants years later, often leaving the patient with stretched, sagging breast tissue.  This procedure is safe and reversible, and treatment plans are individually tailored to suit, giving you a natural looking and natural feeling result.  After a Macrolane treatment you are not likely to experience any decrease in sensation in your breast or nipple, and you will still be able to breastfeed.  Macrolane is not a permanent product, the hyaluronic acid will naturally break down in the body over a period of a couple of years, so top up treatments are required.  However, the natural break down of this product means your treatments and breasts will age naturally with your shape, and will not at any stage look artificial.  MRI scans indicate that the gel lasts for between 12 - 18 months, but top up treatments are recommended at one year to optimally maintain your desired look.  Over 10,000 people have benefited from new Macrolane globally.

Macrolane is an ideal product for small-scale to moderate body sculpturing, and can also be used to give other areas, such as the decolletage, calves, buttocks, pectorals or other body surfaces an enhanced shape, it's a simple way to restore shape back into your body.

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