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Erbium Laser

Laser wrinkle removal:
erbium laser resurfacing side view lower face before 180 1
erbium laser resurfacing side view lower face 6 months after (180)
erbium laser resurfacing side view lower face 7 years after (180)
Laser Mole Removal:
non surgical laser removal mole before (180)
nonsurgical laser removal mole after (180)
Laser Acne/Scar:
laser resurfacing acne scarring before (180)
laser resurfacing acne scarring after (180)
Laser Pigmentation:
laser pigmentation before (180)(copy)

laser pigmentation after (180)

Laser Age/Sun Spots:
 laser age  sun spots (180)
Laser Skin Rejuvenation:
laser resurfacing skin rejuvenation before (180)
laser resurfacing skin rejuvenation (180)



Erbium Laser Resurfacing


Erbium Laser Treatments:

"WOW" factor wrinkle removal,  facial rejuvenation, mole removal, age spots and pigmentation removal; for long lasting, brand new skin...available only at our Auckland clinic.

Now consulting in Christchurch and Nelson for this procedure.


Developed in the mid to late 1990’s, this technology was the ultimate development of the ablative (skin with wrinkle removal) resurfacing laser systems, and has remained a gold standard for the removal of wrinkles, for facial skin rejuvenation, and for non surgical mole removal ever since. Dr Beulink has been using these systems in Christchurch since 1998, producing stunning results that newer technologies such as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Fractionated laser systems (Fraxel, Active FX, Deep FX) fail dismally in attempting to achieve. Though not for the faint hearted, the Erbium laser produces truly “wow” factor results, which are long lasting and unsurpassed by all other technologies.
In addition to the erbium lasering procedure, Dr Beulink has over the last 10 years researched, pioneered and developed a revolutionary stem cell stimulation treatment, that he now adds in at the time of  the lasering to further enhance regeneration and rejuvenation. Combined with his unique laser protocols, this stem cell boosting application, significantly enhances the patient's own healing mechanisms, resulting in accelerated healing times and even further beneficial skin rejuvenation.

The Erbium:YAG laser is an infra-red resurfacing laser used for skin resurfacing and facial rejuvenation including the treatment of wrinkles, scars, pigmentation and removal of moles and various skin lesions.

The first generation resurfacing lasers were known as ultra-pulsed CO2 lasers, however many problems were encountered with these due to the additional heat these CO2 lasers generated in the layers of resurfaced skin. With this heat came associated side effects such as colour changes, delayed healing and high potential for scarring.
The Erbium laser was developed and released in 1996 in response to specifically address these problems.

The Erbium Laser works by the laser light being absorbed purely and efficiently by water, and it is water that makes up approximately 80% of the skin cells. This absorbed energy in turn causes the instantaneous vaporisation or destruction of the targeted cells. As the laser light passes over the skin, a mere 30 millionth of an inch of tissue is removed at a time. This incredible control allows the doctor to treat only as deeply as needed, from removing wrinkles to merely refreshing your overall skin appearance. After this aged and sun damaged skin is removed, new skin quickly re grows in its place and over the following weeks, new collagen is laid down, resulting in an overall firmer, brighter, rejuvenated skin.

The Erbium laser is also ideal for scarless removal of moles, milia, cholesterol deposits around eyes, and sun spots etc. Using very little lateral heat, it minimises injury and thus maximises healing, no stitches are required, and treatment is quick.



Dr Beulink's Personal Comments:-
Erbium Laser Resurfacing


Erbium lasers have been incredible pieces of technology that have served me well since 1998. In the very early days, I quickly realised that these lasers  needed their clinical boundaries pushed somewhat to truly unlock their therapeutic potential. In doing so, I was able to establish that this laser could rival and then even surpass all other existing technologies for producing safe and truly amazing resurfacing results.

The media did a very good job of painting “resurfacing lasers” as the machines that give pigmentation problems. What the media, and in fact many doctors have failed to realise, is the difference between the Erbium laser and the more problematic CO2 laser, and the vital importance the before and after care regimes play in minimising any potential problem. The Erbium laser was, in fact, additionally designed to treat and remove certain forms of pigmentation.(see Pigmentation). I can also use it to help minimise the look of scarring from old injuries or acne. (see Laser Acne/Scars)

How does the Erbium Laser compare to other technologies?   Since its introduction in the mid 90's, the Erbium laser is still setting the benchmark for resurfacing and for facial skin rejuvenation. In the right hands, the results achievable with the Erbium laser remain unsurpased by the numerous other technologies that have since appeared.
  I recall in 2001 a world renowned laser expert hailing the Erbium laser as the near perfect resurfacing laser device, above all others it was the pinnacle of development in it's class. Since then, no new laser light wavelengths have emerged to challenge this. Instead, what we have seen has been numerous other non-laser technologies developed over the last decade such as IL, Radiofrequency, Plasma, coloured light therapy and Ultrasonic and other non-ablative technologies. All have challenged with often fantastical unproven claims, offering the bonus "Holy Grail" incentive of minimal downtime, but then ultimately delivering cosmetic results very short of their promises.
 And now, the current buzz word in skin rejuvenation is "fractionated, fractional, fraxel" or derivatives thereof. Fractionating essentially takes a CO2 laser beam and breaks it up into lots of little beams that are used to drill lots of tiny holes into the skin and leaving normal skin between. This supposedly creates rejuvenated changes and with rapid healing. However, in a very short time we have already seen the demise of the early versions of these machines due to their lack of cosmetic result. Sure there is minimal downtime, but what's the point if there is minimal improvement?? The updated or "NEW" versions of these are now claiming better results because they are "Deep" or "Active", fractionated/fraxel systems. What they really mean, is that to get some sort of result, they are having to "crank up the volume" (often by relatively inexperienced laser doctors or nurses), drilling many more and much deeper holes....."Fractionated" has now become far more aggressive and invasive with all the potential and consequent problems of earlier lasers (see below).The problems and downtime have definitely crept up, but more often than not, these fraxel procedures are still being sold as easy with minimal downtime. And what about the cosmetic improvements? Well the wrinkle removal and skin tightening effects of the new fractionated lasers are still falling well short of the traditional resurfacing lasers and as for long term improvements, well the jury will obviously still be out on that for a few years yet! So here we are, over a decade later, we have come full circle back to lasers, with fractionating being a just a spin on an old wheel. And people are finally realising that there is no magic wand treatment. To get the big result, there still needs to be a big procedure, and there will be downtime associated with this. No Give, No Take. 
 So where does the Erbium Laser sit in today's cosmetic world?.....Right at the top where it has always been for the last decade or more, a benchmark gold standard with unsurpassable skin rejuvenation results, with over a decade of before and after photos to prove its safety and long lasting effects.

Here is an article that appeared in a New Zealand Newspaper concerning the problems resulting from a supposedly "safer", fractionated laser that was used by a specialist:


Newspaper Article:  The Christchurch Press 22/03/10

"Face Burnt in Laser Treatment."

click on the following link for original article;

Please Note:  This was not a patient of Dr Beulink and this lady did not undergo Erbium Laser resurfacing.

The laser used for this reported treatment was a CO2 (carbon dioxide) fractional system.  CO2 lasers have been well known since the 1980's and 1990's for their heat producing and skin burning tendency. These CO2 lasers should not be confused with the Erbium Laser resurfacing systems that were subsequently developed and have been very successfully resurfacing skin since the late 1990's.  Erbium lasers were specifically designed to avoid these exact sort of inherent problems associated with the CO2 laser. This current fade of "fractionating" the CO2 laser is merely a new spin on an old, and problematic,wheel. It is a highly marketed attempt to "get around" these inherent problems and rebrand the CO2 as a user and patient friendly treatment. However, fractionating the CO2 laser beam merely breaks the beam into numerous smaller beams, but does not alter the actual physical properties of, and problems (heat and depth of injury) this laser can, has, and obviously still causes! 
Lastly, any tool, including lasers and IPL's (intense pulsed light), is only as good as the operator using them. To date, Dr Beulink has been successfully and safely performing Erbium Laser resurfacing for over one and a half decades and has had no such problems.
(see above in Dr Beulink's Personal Comments for more on Erbium vs CO2 lasers and IPL)
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