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Key Points

  • Outpatient procedure (no general anaesthetic)
  • Minimal downtime
  • Safer tumescent anaesthetic technique
  • Large or small areas removed or sculptured/shaped
  • Long lasting

Liposuction Auckland, Christchurch.

If you're looking for Liposuction Auckland, Liposuction Christchurch or Liposuction Nelson, then you've come to the right place. Liposuction is the most common procedure when a tummy tuck is required. So if you want to remove unwanted belly fat or if you've been looking for tummy tuck NZ or liposuction NZ and you live in Auckland or Christchurch, then contact Dr. Beulink today to discuss the best option for you.

 Ideal for stomachs both large and small, hips and thighs, the "muffin rolls", "saddle bags", necks and much more.

An expert in tumesent liposuction, Dr Beulink removes, sculpts, and reshapes stubborn areas of fat with the tumesent technique, and has been doing so since 2001. Available Auckland and Christchurch.

In the quest for a natural, streamlined body, at his Christchurch clinic,Dr Beulink offers his patients a fully integrated approach to remove fat, sometimes even transferring or redistributing fat if necessary, to sculpt silhouettes. Rather than simply providing liposuction, he is a medical artist, moulding and re-shaping peoples bodies like a 3 dimensional sculpture, using an approach which is fully customised to each individuals needs.

Liposuction is an aesthetic (cosmetic) surgical procedure designed to remove localised collections of fat, and thus may be used to improve your overall body appearance. It is not a substitute for weight reduction, nor is it a cure for obesity. Ideally, liposuction is for the removal of typically stubborn areas of genetic or age related fat, such as those that occur on the hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen, as well as the arms, neck and under the chin.
Your appearance after liposuction will be influenced by your general state of health, the overall condition of your skin, age, weight, hormonal influences, and other factors. Liposuction selectively removes fat only from those areas in which the patient desires reduction. Since fat cells are removed, the procedure is deemed permanent, and following liposuction the body will always have less fat cells in the treated areas. However, should the patient gain weight following liposuction, the results may be compromised. An essential prerequisite of liposuction is a stable or reducing weight, and a healthy active lifestyle.
At our clinic we only use the modern small cannula, tumescent liposuction technique. This technique involves the use of a dilute local anaesthetic administered to the area to be treated. This not only completely numbs the area, but also contains anti-bleeding agents and aides the removal of the fat cells during the suction process.
When combined with a sedative, tumescent liposuction has minimal or no discomfort, with patients feeling very relaxed and often sleeping throughout most of the procedure.
Liposuction with the modern small cannulas enables a more gentle and precise removal of fat. There is no scarring and, because it is performed under local anaesthesia, it is very safe with far fewer risks than the traditional method, which is performed under a general anaesthetic. Essentially, tumescent liposuction is a walk in, walk out procedure with a faster recovery time.



Dr Beulink’s Personal Comments – Liposuction

Just as no two people are the same, I have found that no two persons fat is the same. In fact, even the fat texture throughout ones body can vary from one area to another. Because of this, in inexperienced hands, fat can be a difficult medium to work with. It is essential that each procedure and area be fully customised to the individual, their needs and desired shape.

During the liposuction procedure I sometimes use my very own combination technique to re-distribute fat to give a smoother result and reduce the possibility of any unevenness. This is especially important where there are areas of fibrosis, cellulite or stretch marks, and in the “saddle bags” area, where it is almost mandatory. 

I can also remove fat from areas of excess and, if required, transfer it to other areas of fat depletion e.g., hollows of the face, buttocks, breasts, labia (vagina) etc. This means we can effectively recycle the patients own fat and re-fill and reshape areas with long lasting results. 

At the clinic we arrange a unique post liposuction programme to speed your recovery, reduce swelling and give better results. With added tools such as endermologie (a vacuum, rolling, massage procedure aiding smoother results), Fat Transfer and Lipolysis, this enables me to give you a customised and tailored, best possible result.

Although tumescent liposuction has been touted by some practitioners as a “back to work in 3 to 4 days” procedure, I have found this to be usually somewhat unrealistic. In order to achieve noticeable results, for anything other than removing the very smallest of fat deposits, you should realistically allow a recovery period of up to 7 days.

This is very much a “I help you, you help yourself” procedure. Runaway weight gain will do nothing to enhance a good liposuction result. Invariably the comment “I had liposuction and it didn’t work for me” tends to be an easy way out. With good liposuction and ongoing weight maintenance, liposuction results can be maintained indefinitely. Fat cells removed by liposuction are removed permanently and can not re grow back.

There is no typical candidate profile for liposuction. I have performed liposuction on young and old, thick and thin, from everyday people through to models and fitness fanatics. The common factor for all these people has been a imbalance of fat distribution, with the inability to remove these stubborn areas with diet and exercise. These areas are typically the “first on, last off” areas and are determined largely by a genetic influence. A fine example of this was a fitness instructor who was teaching up to 2 or more exercise classes a day for whom I treated hips, saddles, inner thighs and knees.

Most commonly requested areas for liposuction:
  • Abdomen (tummy), including the “post baby bulge”
  • Flanks (waist), "muffin rolls"
  • Loins (lower back)
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs, "saddle bags"
  • Knees and ankles
  • Breasts
  • Flabby upper arms
  • Neck and jowls.

See also:
Fat Transfer : for shifting fat to areas of volume loss in face, breasts, buttocks.
Lipolysis : the "flab jab" injection as an alternative to liposuction for small areas.
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