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Fat Transfer for Hand Rejuvenation


Key Points

  • Outpatient procedure (no general anaesthetic)
  • Minimal downtime
  • No cutting, no pulling
  • Volume replacement,using a natural product –your own fat!
  • Natural results
  • Hands look years fresher and younger with no tell tale signs or radical changes
  • Fat can be transferred to any part of the face or body.

FAT TRANSFER to BACKS of HANDS;  rejuvenation of aged, hollow, gaunt looking hands. Loose skin, wrinkles, visible veins and ropey tendons disappear,... stunning cosmetic surgery results by top expert Dr Beulink...


Having started fat transfer procedures in 1998, Dr Robert Beulink’s passion and keen eye for this procedure has elevated him to become a top expert in Australasia in this specialised field of lipo-filling. He has presented at numerous conferences and workshops on this subject matter, and has even been introduced at these venues as “one of the best in the world”. While many other doctors have struggled to realise the natural sculptured beauty or long lasting effects of fat transfer, Dr Beulink has achieved results and longevity that are second to none.


What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is a simple and relatively painless technique being performed under light sedation and local anaesthetic. The treatment involves the harvesting of micro fat filaments from an area of excess fat, such as the stomach, “saddle bags” or the inner thigh. It is then cleaned and prepared using specialised equipment, before transferring it to a part of the body that is lacking volume. The micro filaments are injected into these hollows and depressions, building up the lost volume. Each individual micro fat filament acts as a mini tissue transplant becoming fully integrated with, and part of, the surrounding tissue that they are introduced into. The resulting lift becomes a living, long lasting, fresh and natural looking enhancement which feels, moves and behaves in a completely normal and integrated manner.


Fat Transfer for Hand Rejuvenation


Fat transfer is an obvious choice for the long lasting, cosmetic rejuvenation for the backs of the hands. With no stitches, no general anaesthetic, and minimal downtime, fat transfer can provide a fresh and naturally lifted look to the hands.

With ageing, collagen breakdown in the skin creates wrinkles, lines and skin laxity. However, beneath the skin, structural fatty tissue in the hands also disappears, leaving empty sacs of skin. The consequence of this fat loss is the exaggeration of wrinkles with the development of hollows. The net result of fat loss in the hands, is the appearance of aged, hollow, gaunt or boney looking hands with loose skin, wrinkles, visible veins and ropey tendons. Fat transfer replaces this fat loss, putting the lost packing or stuffing back into the backs of ageing hands. In addition, stem cells that accompany the fat, help rejuvenate the overlying skin, helping to reduce pigmentation, blotchy and dull skin and re-stimulate collagen production.


  fat transfer hands before (248) fat transfer hands after (250)

  fat transfer hands before 2 (250) fat transfer hands after 2 (250)


Dr Beulink’s Personal Comments – Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a precise, sculpturing cosmetic procedure. A surgeon with a creative and artistic eye is paramount in order to produce a beautiful and natural result.

This procedure is very much a passion of mine. I was one of the first and only doctors in Australasia to pioneer and push the boundaries of this procedure to include full facial rebuilding and body contouring. It is only now, one and a half decades later, that other doctors are finally realising the paramount importance that volume replacement plays in a natural looking cosmetic rejuvenation (for the face it is now even gaining the popular term "volumetric face lift").

One of the benefits of this cosmetic procedure is the fact that I am using the best natural product available to you - your very own fat filaments! So there is no way you will ever be allergic or react to this treatment.

How long does Fat Transfer last?  There appears to be a general misconception that fat transfer injections don’t last. Obviously, I cannot stop the ageing process, and although I never use the word “permanent”, in my hands this procedure can be deemed “very long lasting” (in the flashing sequence of photos at the top of the page facial fat transfer, at least 2 of the after photos were taken 7-8 years later.......that's up to 8 years later, still looking 5-10 years younger than they did 7-8 years ago....WOW!!). Does fat transfer last? Done correctly it most certainly does.
 Once the mini transplants have integrated into the new area, the transferred fat becomes a living part of you again, but with time (years), these too will age naturally like the surrounding tissues.

I can generally take as much or as little harvested fat as I need to rebuild the lost fat areas, volume is not restricted (unlike off the shelf, pre-packaged filler products).

This cosmetic procedure is ranked very highly by all my patients for ease of procedure, negligible discomfort or downtime, and great results. It is therefore also very suitable for out-of-town patients.  

With all the work being done underneath the skin surface, the typical temporary visible hallmarks of other types of procedures are usually absent. There are no scars or stitches. Downtime (hide away time) is minimal

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If you are considering the fat transfer procedure, you would firstly need to have a half hour, one on one,  initial consultation and assessment with Dr Beulink. He will go over your concerns with you, see whether you are an appropriate candidate for fat transfer and that it will give you the results you are looking for. He will also discuss downtime, before and after photos, results, side effects, costs, and any other procedures that may be of benefit for you. At the end of this consultation you will have a full idea of exactly what fat transfer can do for you, and just what it would take to have this procedure. 

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