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Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

Are you looking for photodynamic therapy or non surgical removal of skin cancer Auckland, or photodynamic therapy or non surgical removal of skin cancer Nelson or photodynamic therapy or non surgical removal of skin cancer Christchurch?  Do you suffer from sun damage, sun spots, solar keratosis, pre cancer sun damage or basal cell carcinoma (BCC)? You are in the right place. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a very popular minor cosmetic nonsurgical procedure that removes these skin cancers and pre-cancers without the need for disruptive plastic surgery. With the advent of modern laser and light technology and new advances in cancer treatment, nonsurgical photodynamic therapy is fast becoming the treatment of choice for skin cancers in NZ. So if you’re looking for photodynamic therapy NZ or nonsurgical removal of skin cancer NZ, get in touch with Dr Beulink today. Consultations and treatments for photodynamic therapy or nonsurgical removal of skin cancer or sun damage are available at Auckland, Christchurch and Nelson clinics.

Key Points

  • Exciting new treatment for skin cancers and sun damage
  • NO cutting or stitches
  • Minimal or no scarring
  • Only abnormal cells treated
  • Especially ideal for head, face and hands

PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY: 21st century, nonsurgical removal of skin cancers and sun damage

This is a relatively new treatment that Dr Beulink introduced to New Zealand in 2003. It is used to treat many forms of basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), Bowens disease, actinic keratoses (sun damage), and some non cancer indications.
A special cream is thickly applied to the area to be treated and a simple dressing is applied over it. The elements of this cream are absorbed into the skin, rapidly and selectively accumulating in the abnormal cells (normal skin cells are spared).
Once the cream has been applied for the required period of time, treatment may begin. The intense laser type light reacts with the substance in the cream which has been absorbed by the abnormal cells. This results in destruction and breakdown of abnormal cells plus a localized vascular (blood vessel) shutdown which starves the abnormal tissues of nutrients. The body then naturally removes the dead tissue leaving the wound to heal uniquely via tissue regeneration.
The treatment is non-invasive and well tolerated, sparing the normal tissue and leaving the surrounding skin intact and functional. The cosmetic outcome is excellent with visible scarring absent or minimal. The key advantage of this treatment is that only abnormal tissue is selectively treated. Normal tissue and surrounding skin is left intact and functional.
Photodynamic Therapy A simple non surgical removal of skin cancers and sun damaged skin using a special ointment and laser, leaving behind only a faint mark that further improves with time

                    sun_damage_before_photodynamic_therapy_1_250.jpg                sun_damage_after_photodynamic_therapy_1.jpg
                              Before PDT                                      3 months after PDT


Dr Beulink’s Personal Comments – Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

For me personally, this is a very exciting and innovative treatment. Developed in the UK through the 1990’s, this has very much become a 21st century, nonsurgical, techno-treatment, leaving the dark ages of cutting and scarring behind.

This treatment is especially effective for all areas of the face and head, as it requires no stitches and minimises scarring. 

Photo dynamic therapy is target selective. That means, only the abnormal cells receive and are affected by this treatment, leaving the good cells to help with healing in the treated area. The difference between a non selective treatment, such as liquid nitrogen zapping of sun spots, and selective photodynamic treatment, is kind of like the difference between the old Napalm blanket bombing of 1960's warfare (taking out not only the bad guys but destroying the entire surrounding forest with it!) compared to the target selective directness of newer cruise missile technology of today. Target selective treatment means minimising collateral damage, and hence maximising healing.

             sun_damage_before_photodynamic_therapy_250.jpg                     sun_damage_after_photodynamic_therapy_250.jpg

On the left, a large area of sun damage and pre-cancer, that has had numerous previous treatments with liquid nitrogen. This has resulted in areas of permanent white scarring plus numerous inclusive fragmented areas of recurrence of abnormal cells. Deciding what to  treat and how hard or deep to treat with traditional non selective methods, is doomed to ongoing failure. On the right, six months after the area was treated with selective Photdynamic Therapy. This patient was so happy with the result, further PDT was performed to other surrounding areas. 

This treatment minimises tissue disruption and scarring, resulting in better healing and a much improved cosmetic result.

This treatment is an outpatient procedure. It is relatively simple and relatively painless. Aftercare is straight forward simple wound care (like caring for a graze).

Photo dynamic therapy is fantastic for people who have had earlier, more destructive procedures to rid sun damage or skin cancers, only to find they later develop a recurrence in the same treated area. This usually becomes a real treatment dilemma; what to re-treat and what to leave alone? The answer is now simple – target selective Photo dynamic therapy!

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