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Facial veins


Key Points

  • Safe treatments
  • Often single treatment only
  • Affordable, cost effective
  • Two treatments available
  • Can use combination of both treatments
  • Veins that are treated will not come back

FACIAL VEINS: Annoying hard to cover veins? Affordable cost effective treatment...Auckland, Christchurch.

As we age an increase in the the number of visible facial veins is inevitable. However for some people when combined with the accelerating effects of environmental (eg. sun damage),or lifestyle (eg. smoking, alcohol) or a genetic predisposition, the number or prominence of these veins can become significantly unsightly and annoying, or hard to cover up with the usual concealers and foundations.

 At the Medical Cosmetic and Vein Clinic, facial vein treatment is an outpatient procedure.Most facial veins can be treated in a single visit, this being not only more convenient, but also more affordable and cost effective for you when compared to the many multi-visit treatment options advertised elsewhere. At the Medical Cosmetic and Vein Clinic, facial vein treatment is usually performed under a small amount of local anaesthetic, ensuring a relaxed and pain free experience.

Depending on the extent, amount and size of the facial veins that need treatment, there are two methods:

Microsclerotherapy is a very effective treatment and is ideal for the larger thread veins. A sclerosant solution is injected through an extremely fine needle, causing the veins to close off permanently. Discomfort is minimal. There can be a limited degree of surface skin swelling or redness lasting 1 – 3 days after treatment. This treatment can work well on its own, or combining it with Cosmetic Radio surgery can be very effective in obtaining an excellent overall result for a variety of facial veins.

Cosmetic Radio surgery is generally used for  finer facial veins (or if there are only a few to be removed). This is a radio-wave laser-like machine that treats each vein by passing radio electro current (FM waves) through it and shuts it down. Usually only one treatment is required, although some people require up to three treatments to remove very stubborn or deeper facial veins. It is performed under local anaesthetic with discomfort being negligible or nil. After treatment, there is usually blushing localised to the treated areas, lasting 12 – 24 hours, and if desired, make-up can be applied after 12 hours.



Dr Beulink’s Personal Comments – Facial Veins


I have found these treatments to be a well tolerated, safe and effective means to treat discrete facial veins. I cannot, however, treat a generalised blushed or flushed cheek appearance (no visible veins).
I have been treating facial veins since 1992. In my experience, these two types of treatment give results that are at least comparable to, and more cost effective than laser or light based ( IPL) treatments. I do not use laser or IPL to treat thread veins. Laser and IPL treatments are expensive and always require multiple treatments. Patients who have come to see me, having previously had laser or IPL treatment, are usually disgruntled with the lack of results and high cumulative costs they have incurred.
With Radiofrequency treatment, facial veins are instantly removed, rather than needing to wait several days or even weeks for them to fade away as with other types of treatment.

In my hands, the cosmetic Radio surgery treatment is by far the most effective treatment for spider naevi veins (small high pressure, red spot/flare usually on the face or chest, often appearing on the nose or directly under the eyes and may even occur as a persisting red dot on a child's face).

Micro-sclerotherapy is perfect for the larger calibre red or purple veins that often occur on the nose, cheek or chin area. This is particularly so in the case of males.

Micro-sclerotherapy has become somewhat of a lost art form in these days of machines and technology. I believe very few doctors have the knowledge or ability to perform this treatment now, which is a shame as it is so effective and relatively cheap.

It requires a very steady hand, impeccable eye sight, and a knack to be able to slot a micro needle into an even more micro vein, to say the least!

The huge advantage of micro-sclerotherapy is that when a vein is injected, the solution has a flow on effect to "down stream" veins. With only one entry point, multiple veins can often be treated, and at the time of treatment, due to the flushing effect, areas can be instantly recognised as having been treated. Facial veins are not just simply a 2 dimensional entity running along the skin surface, but rather a 3 dimensional network running all at differing depths. The solution has the ability to flow through this 3D network, something surface based technologies can not do.


Cosmetic radio surgery and/or standard sclerotherapy treatments are done in half hour intervals. Depending on the amount of veins to be removed and the reaction of the veins to the treatment determines how many sessions are required. Usually, these sessions are at least two weeks apart or longer, although often only one treatment is required.

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