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Nonsurgical Nose reshaping with dermal fillers

An instant liquid "nose job"; non surgical rhinoplasty nose reshaping in less than 30 minutes! Beautifully sculptured noses by Dr Beulink, one of New Zealand's first and foremost dermal filler injectors since 1992. Available at his Auckland and Christchurch clinics.
Nose lump, hook nose, saddle nose, bent or twisted nose, scarred or botched rhinoplasty nose, Asian, Persian, or Caucasian noses, all a specialty of Dr Beulink.


Below are some examples of what can be achieved with dermal fillers. These are an instant "liquid nose job" or "non surgical rhinoplasty", that were created simply and quickly under a bit of local anaesthetic using Restylane (liquid) filler. The results are immediate, with the after photos having been taken within 30mins of the before photos. With the eye of a true artist, Dr Beulink creates noses that are aesthetically sculptured to the desired effect: hollows are filled in, bumps disappear and are smoothed out by building up the surrounding low areas, tips can be elevated, and scars can be filled in. A nose that may first appear to require a surgical correction, may in fact be improved relatively simply with filler reshaping.  
Dr Beulink has also seen and treated numerous cases of "botched" surgical rhinoplasties; smoothing, straightening and filling in the defects caused by the knife and rasp.
For further information including side effects and prevention of, go to Dermal Fillers page. 

non surgical restylane_nose_job_1_1.jpg Typical "lump" on nose. Note the hollowing of the bridge of the nose which is key to the lumps in these two examples. Filling in the the hollow above the lump, plus some adjustment to the minor profile hollowing below the lump, very effectively straightens the nose.

non surgical restylane_nose_job_2_1.jpg

non surgical restylane_nose_reshaping.jpg With ageing the tip of the nose drops and the nose profile rounds off. Strengthening and elevating the tip, plus some profile adjustment at the bridge, recreates a pleasant more youthful looking nose.

nonsurgical_liquid_nose_job_200__before.jpgnonsurgical_liquid_nose_job_200_after.jpg A "saddle" scar deformity of the nose, caused by previous skin cancer removal, can be significantly improved by filling in and resculpturing with liquid dermal filler.

non surgical liquid nose job before(250copy) non surgical liquid nose job after(250copy) Again, in this case the immediate effect of the nonsurgical "liquid nose job" using a dermal filler is quite remarkable. With the effect being instant, and the downtime being negligible, the "liquid nose job" can be a seriously good alternative to any form of surgical intervention.

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