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Neck lift with threads / thread lift


Key Points

  • Safe and easy
  • Less downtime than a full face lift
  • No general anaesthetic required
  • Natural results
  • Look years fresher and younger with no tell tale signs

THREAD LIFT: results comparable to or better than a face lift, by NZ's first doctor to offer this revolutionary new concept for face and neck lifting.... Auckland,Christchurch.

First introduced to NZ by Dr Beulink in 2001, the “thread lift” or “suture lift” procedure is a unique innovation in non-surgical rejuvenation for the face and neck. Not as radical as a full surgical face lift, a suspension thread lift can give the look of freshness, wellness or a less tired look with less downtime and less cost.

A thread lift uses a modification of the standard type of suture threads that have been used in medicine for many years. When inserted under the skin, the suture thread is pulled up to lift or tighten the targeted area. This restores the structure of the face, reversing the ageing trends of everything “heading south”. The brow, cheekbone area, jowls and upper neck are the first parts of the face to sag, and these are particularly good areas for threading.

Performed as a day procedure under local anaesthetic, the threads are fed into place through a tiny hollow needle. The lift that is obtained is determined by the type and number of threads used and the amount of pull required. The type of look and results required are different for different people, and needs to be specifically tailored to give the desired results.


Dr Beulink’s Personal Comments – Thread lift

As New Zealand's first doctor to offer this type of procedure, I have had a lot of experience as to just what threads can and cannot achieve. They are certainly an exciting addition to the array of cosmetic tools and procedures, but the technique does have its limits. Unfortunately the thread lift is often advertised or overstated in the media as to its apparent simplicity.

Currently, I am working predominantly with what I term my “fourth generation” threads. These are a result of my development of the threading technique over the last 9 years and uses my personal type of "hybrid" thread. These threads are not commercially available. I have found these to be the most effective means of lifting. They are not the same as the "simple" threads that are currently being offered by the latest wave of thread doctors and advertising (eg Aptos Threads, Contour Threads, Silhouette Threads, Happy Lift etc etc), which are more like the very early type of threading I did.

In my opinion, for anything other than a mild lift, often some form of hidden skin cut may be necessary, otherwise the patient is left with unsightly skin “bunching” beyond the lift area. Without the removal of some of this excess skin the bunching may eventually disappear, but usually at the cost of a significant loss of the lift. Unfortunately, simple threading will usually give results that simply won’t last!

The combination of a cut, along with the thread lift I perform, can achieve results comparable to or better than a face lift, without the downtime.


A system of facial threads, each one carefully placed and individually tailored to create its own specific line of lift, combine to custom create a perfectly natural looking facial lift, something that the more generalised pull of a face lift cannot easily achieve. How often have we seen the wind tunnel effect of a traditional face lift?

A thread lift is ideal for the neck, jowls, for a brow lift and facial lifting.

Beware of thread lifts being promoted by many doctors who simply use thread manufacturers promotional photographs. Many of these doctors are still in their "Honey Moon" phase of thread experience. Remember, threads are only but a tool, not a result. Thread lifting is a skilled craft! If a doctor is unable to show you photographs of their own work you must ask yourself, why not?

Potential and common problems with simple technique threading include bunching, dimpling, rippling in the skin, "apple pie" cheeks, thread protrusion through the skin, infection, and mid-long term loss of lift. Believe me, I have seen them all. However, fortunately all of these are fixable but can certainly create some anxiety and extended downtime for the patient! It is so important to get it right first time and it is so important to chose a doctor who not only can "pop in" a few threads, but also knows exactly what to do if those threads go wrong. Discuss this at lengths with your doctor.

How long does a thread lift last? A difficult question. The threads themselves are usually permanent, so they last forever (although, see below for dissolvable threads). However, like any cosmetic procedure, we cannot stop the clock. Other signs of the natural ageing process will eventually overtake the result, which is inevitable. 
 I have personally been using my current form of threads and thread lifting technique for 5 years now and I (and patients) am generally very pleased with the long term results. These sort of results are very similar to those of the mini face lifts, but like a face lift, a "tweak up" procedure may be desirable after 5years in order to optimally maintain things.  
 Earlier, and some simpler forms of threading, I have not been entirely happy with, and have shown slippage and loss of lift after 3 months.

What about dissolvable threads? In 2008, commercially produced threads became available that dissolve away over a period of 12 months, leaving behind a so called "ligament" type structure. It is claimed that the resulting ligaments thus formed in a such a lift, will then supposedly continue on to maintain the lift. This sounds great, but clinical experience so far is very limited and much more time is required to determine if in fact this will happen. For now, dissolvable threads are an interesting concept, but the longevity of their lift remains very questionable.
Despite these uncertainties, I'm sure we will see a lot more of these threads being used in the near future. This is because new thread doctors will opt for a perceived safety net, believing that incorrectly placed threads and thread complications will simply fade away over time with the dissolving threads........however 12 months is a long time to wait!

Threads ONLY provide lift. However, when combined with other treatments such as Erbium Laser Resurfacing for brand new peaches and cream skin, Fat Transfer to refill the hollowed aged cheeks and dark under eye circles, or maybe  Liposuction to remove a heavy neck or double chin, a thread lift can provide some truly outstanding cosmetic results.





Costs for a thread lift procedure can vary depending on what area needs treating and how much work is involved. Costs are $12,000 - $20,000, which includes your pre treatment check and post treatment check ups. This does not cover your prescription fee.

If you are considering the thread lift procedure, you would firstly need to have a half hour, one on one, initial consultation and assessment with Dr Beulink. He will go over your concerns with you, see whether you are an appropriate candidate for a thread lift and that it will give you the results you are looking for. He will also discuss downtime, before and after photos, results, side effects, costs, and any other procedures that may be of benefit for you. At the end of this consultation you will have a full idea of exactly what a thread lift can do for you, and just what it would take to have this procedure. 

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