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Saggy Neck, Jowls, Double Chin


Key Points

  • Outpatient procedure (no general anaesthetic)
  • Minimal downtime
  • Various techniques to either lift, sculpture, reshape neck
  • Long lasting

Ageing changes in the neck and lower face can begin to occur from as early as the mid 30's. Subtle changes can appear with the development of early jowling (heavy or floppy lower cheeks at the side of the lower jaw line), or the appearance at the front of neck of early banding (caused by splitting of the superficial neck "platysma" muscle). By 40-something, these early subtle changes are very common, and can progress to the point where the lower face/upper neck can appear heavy and squared off, and the neck can become increasingly bandy and saggy. From the side view, initially the sharp pulled up angle under the chin begins to subtly disappear. However, this can progress to an aged, draping profile or "turkey neck", before it becomes more obviously apparent from the front on view in the mirror. For people who are carrying more body weight, or for individuals who are simply genetically prone to it, the upper front part of the neck can develop localised stubborn fat deposits. In well developed cases such as this, the fat will mask the underlying muscle splitting, and may present as a heavy or large neck or "double chin".

As all people are different, similarly all necks are different. Obviously some necks will have only limited problems, while others may have more significant or multiple problems. Thus, treatment needs to be specifically tailored to the individual, and may range from very simple things through to more complex "combo" treatments. A thorough consultation and assessment with a doctor competent in these treatments is vital in order for you to know what is appropriate for you. However, illustrated and listed below are some possibilities and will give you some ideas.

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neck bands(platysmal muscle splitting)

For the early stages of neck bands                    
see under   botox
For more severe banding and "turkey neck"        
see  under  thread lifting

double chin


for early stages     
see under   lipolysis ("flab jab" dissolving injections)

for larger double chins    
see under   liposuction

jowls(heavy or sagging jaw line)

for isolated jowls 
see under   liposuction or lipolysis (the"flab jab")

for jowls that are part of general face sagging    
see under   thread lifting

saggy neck

loose skin only                                                
see under   thread lifting

large with loose skin (combo treatment required) 
see under   thread lifting,liposuction



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