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Leg Veins, Varicose Veins


Key Points

  • Outpatient procedure (no general anaesthetic)
  • Minimal downtime, continuation of normal daily activities
  • All vein types, all ages
  • Mobility (walking) a must
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No stitches or scarring
  • High success rate
  • Particularly suitable for failed previous surgery
  • Southern Cross Affiliated provider

Dr Beulink offers the #1 Varicose Veins Treatment in New Zealand. Hundreds of patients ranging in age from 12 to 91 in Auckland and Christchurch with different types and sizes of varicose veins have left Dr Beulink's clinic highly satisfied with their treatment. So if you're looking for varicose veins Christchurch, or varicose vein treatment Auckland, read on and learn more about the procedures.

Varicose veins and spider veins are a common occurrence for 1 in 5 people. They are often unsightly and may cause symptoms including tiredness, aching, cramps, tightness or swelling in the legs. Left untreated, they can go on to cause eczema, ulcers and even more serious problems, such as blood clots.

Compression Sclerotherapy is a micro-injection treatment followed by specialized compression. It is an outpatient procedure, i.e., requiring no general anaesthetic or hospital stay. It is a “walk in, walk out” treatment, and you are able to drive afterwards. Its great advantage over surgery is that there is minimal downtime and impact upon your usual daily activities in the weeks following treatment.
This treatment is suitable for most people who have spider veins or varicose veins, and it can be especially beneficial for people who have had previous vein surgery. Since this treatment requires an injection of solution into a vein, it means a skin prick is required. A micro needle (less than 1/8th size of a blood test needle) is used for the injection of veins, resulting in minimal or often no discomfort.
Treatment sessions can take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes, and multiple sessions may be necessary, being spaced anywhere from days to weeks apart.
After the treatment session is completed a compression stocking is applied over the leg, followed by a period of walking. Depending on the extent of the treatment, these stockings have to be worn for a certain period of time, from 3 days for thread veins up to 4 weeks for some larger varicose veins.
Once you leave the surgery you are able to continue your daily routine as normal, as long as this doesn’t involve excessive exercise or standing for long periods of time.

No treatment for varicose veins should be considered a permanent cure, although this can be the case for many. Varicose veins are often a hereditary complaint, and you may find that because you are predisposed to this condition, new veins may surface in the following years. The actual varicose veins can be treated, but it is impossible to completely cure the varicose disease itself. However, with a thorough assessment and treatment, sclerotherapy should achieve the best possible results for the longest period of time with minimal risk and discomfort.
Due to Dr Beulink's dedication, skill and expertise in this field, he has achieved over 97% of his treated patients remaining varicose vein free over the last 12 years.

There are three types of sclerotherapy treatment to cover all aspects of vein problems. They are as follows:
MICROSCLEROTHERAPY: This injection technique is ideal for the tiny red spider and thread veins on the leg and face. A solution is injected through a very fine needle, causing the vein to close off permanently.
MACROSCLEROTHERAPY: This injection technique is ideal for the larger purple or blue surface veins. These veins are injected with a solution which causes the veins to go into spasm and shut down permanently. As approximately 50% of the legs surface veins have deeper underlying problems, an ultrasound will be used to fully assess any potential underlying venous problems at the initial consultation. If there are deeper problems, these need addressing first, otherwise the surface veins will return again after treatment.
There are very few restrictions to lifestyle after treatment and walking is actively encouraged.
ECHOSCLEROTHERAPY (ULTRASOUND GUIDED SCLEROTHERAPY): In some cases (usually with more severe forms of varicose veins) there may be associated deeper valve leakage (called reflux) and this must be treated. This is achieved by a specialised form of sclerotherapy known as “Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy” or “Echosclerotherapy”. Here, the abnormal valves are sealed off by injecting similar solutions into the valve junction points under the visual guidance of an ultrasound machine. Once corrected, standard sclerotherapy can be used to treat the remaining surface varicose veins in the leg.

At your initial consultation the doctor will scan your leg using an ultrasound machine and will advise you accordingly.

Echosclerotherapy treatment may be covered by your medical insurance. Dr Beulink is a Southern Cross affiliated provider for medical necessity varicose veins.



Dr Beulink’s Personal Comments – Leg Veins

I introduced this technique to New Zealand in 1998, being 1st to offer a complete combined in-house ultrasound and sclerotherapy service for the treatment of varicose veins as an alternative to the traditional surgical method. Although initially rubbished by the traditionalists, this revolutionary technique rapidly raised the benchmark for effective varicose vein treatment, going on to become part of mainstream medicine and the most preferred veintreatment by patients.

Although always having been very effective, since these early days, this technique of leg vein injection therapy has been constantly improved. Today, far less injections are required and quicker results are obtained. Done properly and diligently, I have found this to be a great procedure with fantastic, long lasting results.

Unfortunately, varicose veins are a disease, so no doctor can “cure” you from that disease. However, with a meticulous and thorough approach to this treatment, the varicose veins can be comprehensively fixed with results coming effectively very close to a cure. The varicose veins I treat with sclerotherapy will not come back, they are permanently shut down. I like to get my patients back for check ups to confirm this and at 1 year after treatment I finally send them off. Occasionally, new varicose veins may in time appear, so for some a treatment every few years may be necessary to keep on top of this disease, before they become too troublesome. 

You may be in a stocking for several weeks and having to walk an hour every day, but surely that beats the time off work, crutches, and downtime associated with surgical stripping. Because of the stockings, autumn, winter and spring are obviously the preferred times for leg vein treatments.

Sclerotherapy can also be a godsend treatment for persistent leg ulcers. I once treated the leg ulcers of an elderly gentleman from New Brighton who, at a return check up, exclaimed to me the enjoyment of once again feeling the waves lapping on his legs for the first time in 17 years!

At five years, surgery has a 68% success rate. In my hands echosclerotherapy at twelve years has 97%. So why would you not choose echosclerotherapy to treat your veins?


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