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Before IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) there were creams and other treatments for the management of pigmentation problems. We have been successfully treating pigmentation problems since 1992 and continue to do so without the use of IPL. In fact, we continue to see numerous disgruntled IPL patients who, failing their treatment, come to see us to help sort their pigmentation problems out. Many factors contribute to pigmentation disorders, e.g.; lifestyle, environmental, hormonal, ethnicity, etc, and all of these factors must be considered and addressed to achieve a successful outcome. It is how these factors are specifically managed and manipulated, individually and as a co-ordinated combination, that allows Dr Beulink to achieve optimal results often unsurpassed by others.

Specific treatment modalities for pigmentation include:
Topical creams (they need to be the appropriate pharmaceutical strength - often across the counter creams just aren't strong enough or not the right choice of product).
Avoidance or protection from ongoing damage or pigmentation stimulation - one obvious factor that is of major significance in these southern latitudes especially, is the effects of our New Zealand outdoors life style combined with some of the highest Ultraviolet Radiation levels on the planet. 
Laser resurfacing is sometimes an excellent option to remove stubborn pigmentation. Go to Laser Resurfacing for more information.


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